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  • Photos of a new production chrome Rene Herse Randonneur displayed at the NAHBS in Portland in February 2008.

  • Also click above link to see exciting changes we made to this machine for the Cirque 2008 show!

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  • Photos of New Production Rene Herse  Sport/Road Bicycle displayed at the NAHBS in Portland in February 2008.

  • Also note - this bike won the award for best road/sport bicycle at the 2008 Cirque du Cyclisme





Many custom steel builders strive to make bicycles that appeal to the buyer’s esthetic desires.  At René Herse Bicycles Inc. the focus is on performance first.  All lugs and bottom brackets are handmade.  This enables unlimited choice for angles and tube diameters so that the design process can proceed with fewer constraints.  In addition, it means that off-the-shelf materials do not need to be “tweaked” to work, which can decrease tolerances. 

Making lugs and bottom brackets is extremely labor intensive; it takes longer for us to produce these than it takes many builders to produce an entire frame.  The result, though, is a lugged joint that is both strong and extremely elegant (very smooth transitions at the tube junctions).   

Some enthusiasts appreciate fillet brazed frames; Rene Herse has a long tradition of using this time honored build technique.  Fillet brazing like our custom lug making enables construction without constraint due to available bottom brackets or lugs.  For this reason, Rene Herse Bicycles is pleased to offer fillet brazed frames as a customer option.

René Herse bicycles have always been known for innovative features that take advantage new technology.  The lighting project at René Herse is an example of this tradition’s continuation using cutting edge LED technology with twin headlight designs and special circuits located inside the steering tube.  The stem mounted light switch allows for ease of control and elegance.