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Pricing and Ordering Guidelines

March 2013

(all prices subject to change without notice) 

There is no substitute for personal discussion, but the following should provide an overview of our pricing structure and policies. 

The policy of René Herse Bicycles is to sell complete bicycles as this insures that each machine we provide will be comprised of proprietary and production components that work together harmoniously.  This policy is flexible; for example, some clients may already have a parts kit (perhaps someone wishing to build their bicycle with vintage components).   While René Herse Bicycles Inc. sells complete bicycles, the following prices are meant to serve as a rough guide for our pricing structure. 


Randonneur Frame/Fork and Rack   Lugged   700c or 650b                            $ 6,750

Randonneur Frame/Fork and Rack as above w/handmade bb shell             $ 7,500

A frame featuring a full custom geometry and either oversize or traditional diameter tubing.  Tubing is carefully selected to create a frame that works in harmony with the rider.  Lugs are handmade to insure a perfect match for the required angles and tubing diameters and are cut in one of the traditional René Herse designs.  Dropouts are proprietary to Rene Herse and the seatstay connection is in the traditional René Herse style.  A custom chromed front rack is provided with lighting interfaces according to the specified lighting system.    Paint is a high-quality single color with the legendary René Herse name handpainted on the downtube and headtube.   Box striping applied by hand is also included.   

The handmade bottom bracket shell option allows for the option of bent chainstays which can provide even greater clearance for wider fenders.  A handmade shell is also extremely elegant to the trained eye.  

New Series Frame/Fork and Rack Lugged 700c/650b stainless lug              $ 6,250

An exciting new series using custom made stainless lugs (lug sections welded to precisely specified angles) and built by the wizards at Waterford.  These frames like our Mark Nobilette built frames are a tour de force of frame craftsmanship.  These frames use light oversize tubing.  They have the famous Rene Herse name handpainted on the downtube and feature the same box striping.  The price includes a front rack.  The 650b frame using 50mm fenders will comfortably accommodate the popular Grand Bois Hetre tire.

Race or Track Frame/Fork Lugged                                                                         $ xxx

Same tubing, custom geometry, paint, and lug/bb offerings as provided in the Randonneur Frame but without the front rack and fittings specific to a randonneur bicycle.  


Other features and options

René Herse Custom Stem (Ahead Type)                                                                        $ 575


René Herse lighting package version A.  Includes light switch assembly for stem, (does not require use of Herse stem!), bracket to mount a headlight such as a Schmidt Edelux or B&M Cyo (light not included),  and a custom René Herse rear tailight that uses B&M internals to provide a standlight which mounts on the back of the seatube.   Price also includes installation.  Note that the wiring from fork area to downtube with this package is external.  It is easier to install and subsequently use, but slightly less elegant             $ 450


René Herse  lighting package version B.  Everything from the version package above, but with the famous Herse carbon brush at the steerer/headtube which eliminates the external cable run.  This does make subsequent headset replacement more difficult, and also requires the drilling of a hole in the steerer.   But it is amazingly elegant!           $ 700


Rear “Platform” Style rack (sits on top of fender)                                                            $ 800


René Herse Decaleur (Handlebar bag support  with bag mounting hardware                                                                                                                             $ 975


Assembly of your bicycle - for assembly of a full bicycle, including precision wheelbuilding and mounting of fenders/rack, the cost is $400.  The cost of lighting installation is included in the lighting packages above.  We estimate that it takes approximately 12 to 14 hours to assemble a René Herse bicycle, not including lighting work. 


Parts for your bicycle will be supplied at prices that are highly competitive.  Our mailorder prices are among the lowest around.  Plus, you can always supply some of your own parts as well.


Ordering Policies

A deposit of $500 will secure your place in line for a new René Herse bicycle.  At the time the deposit is made, you will be informed of the approximate total price.  You will also be given a time window for expected delivery.   

Within 45 days of the actual commencement of your new bicycle’s construction, a non-refundable total of 50% of the bicycles total purchase price (including the already paid $500 deposit) will be required.  In the unlikely case that the final cost of your new bicycle will be significantly different than the anticipated price at the time the deposit was made, the deposit will be fully refundable should the customer wish to cancel the order.  Similarly, if the completed bicycle cannot be completed within the time window for expected delivery, the buyer may cancel the deposit as long as construction has not commenced.