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December 2009 Photos


Mark Nobilette and a new 650b

Rene Herse 


Photographs taken December 8, 2009

photos by Mike Kone

Seatcluster - the classic Herse shape

Handmade bb shell - started from 5 raw tubes!

Bent chainstays to accomodate a true 60mm fender!


Twin plate crown - handmade and wide

Upper headtube lug - check out the finished fillet on this handmade lug - and look at the crisp brazing!

Lower headtube lug - handmade, the photo makes distorts the perspective a bit - the tubing is NOT oval

Seatlug with mount for pulley - this is all handmade, and the binder is brazed onto the blank

The pulley - the brake cable will exit out the seatlug!  Machined by Mark

Seaststay attachment

Dropout finishing - Mark made this from scratch!

End of Photos showing the 650b Herse being built in Longmont, CO





Stephen Bilenky



 working the lugs for the new Rene Herse PBP Model 


Photographs taken in Philadelphia by the Bilenky folks


Click here for the Bilenky photo stream

(on their Flickr site)

Finding the right angle by Bilenky Cycle Works.


Herse Head Lugs by Bilenky Cycle Works.

Lugs for the Rene Herse PBP model carved by Bilenky

IMG_3762.JPG by Bilenky Cycle Works.

The junctions of the stamped lugs filled in with brass fillets. The same treatment special Herse frames received in-the-day!