Chrome Randnonneur Presented at 2008 North American Handmade Bicycle Show



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New stem cap light switch and new stem bolts/nuts


Refined rear LED light attachment


New headlamp housing accepts an array of powerful new LED emitters and optics



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2008 Rene Herse Randonneur - as displayed




Front Portion of Bicycle

(Note the Lighting!)

This machine features a Schmidt dyno hub that powers two Rene Herse proprietary LED headlamps.  To power the lights, AC current from the hub is converted using a rectifier to DC current.  The wiring and circutry is housed inside the steerer tube and partially at the tailight.  Why do this?  Right now, all headlights we have tested which run from generators tend to project a beam that is focused close to the rider as it is assumed that riding speeds tend to be low.  For avid randonneur riders, a beam that reaches farther down the road is needed.  The Rene Herse twin headlamp system uses two different lenses; one lens produces a broad beam and is focused nearer to the rider.  The other lamp uses a tighter beam and it is targeted further down the road. 

Also note - the current production Rene Herse stem features a cap which is also the on/off switch for the lighting system!




Proprietary Rene Herse Rear Light

Powered by Generator - internal wiring through frame featuring carbon brush on steering tube to eliminate external wire!  Light is a red 1 watt LED, extremely bright!




Downtube Lug

Note the classic shape! Has look and feel of classic Herse lug from the 1960's or 70's.  The lugs are all handmade - constructed from two pieces of steel tig welded and then fillet brazed, then shaped!  But otherwise, there is no other way to get classic lug shapes as the blanks otherwise don't exist.  Plus, we can make our blanks to fit angle and dimension we choose!



Classic Rene Herse Seatcluster